Maternity Fashion Tips

Maternity Fashion Tips

Though I myself have never been pregnant, I have the opportunity to talk with many expectant Mamas out there. Over the years, I have heard many maternity fashion tips shared, and I thought I might pass them on to you! This is such a special time in your life, and we want you to look and feel your best while showing off that baby belly!

#1 Wear What Fits

Whether this is your first or fourth baby, be sure to wear what fits. (This is always a good rule of thumb whether or not you are pregnant! Make the effort to customize your wardrobe to fit your body here and now!) 

I can’t stress the importance of this enough! I know there is a real “what if” that you may need to go up in size as you enter your third trimester, but there is absolutely no reason to dress as though you are in your third trimester when you’re in your first.

Even if you have to limit yourself to only a few key pieces in transitional sizes, do it.

You’ll thank me later! When it comes to maternity clothes, comfort is essential! 

If you catch sight of yourself in the mirror or find a random picture on social media, and your clothes fit, you will be so much happier than if they made you look dowdy! (how’s that for an archaic term, lol!)

#2 Buy the Clothes

Buy that cute maternity top. Buy that feminine dress that accents your bump. Maybe you are all about maternity jeans or maternity leggings - go for it!  Some of the best advice that I can offer is to buy the items that will help you feel your best! 

Again, even if you can only afford a few key pieces, get some that make you feel fabulous! I’ve heard too many women gloss over the opportunity to dress their bump!

“Ooh, I’ll only wear it a few months,” or “Ooh, there’s no point in spending money on something I’ll not need again.”

The thing is you need it now, so embrace it and enjoy it! We don’t reject the idea of shorts in the summer because we’ll just need pants again come winter, do we? So why can’t we flourish in the season of sweet baby bumps?! 

God has blessed you with a precious, little life – delight in it!

And now we’ll move on to the more practical tips. Things that are pretty obvious, but sometimes we need the reminder!

#3 If it Feels too Tight …

...don’t fool yourself into buying it; it will only get tighter! Be it a jacket, sweater, or even your favorite shoes, most items in your closet are only going to get tighter through this journey! 

Before pregnancy, one might fudge how tight something fits, but that sweet bump is going to keep growing during pregnancy, so keep this in mind! We recommend soft fabrics and garments with stretch. This combination will allow you to find clothing that fits and grows a bit with you!

#4 Layering Essentials

Before you were pregnant, what were your favorite layering essentials? A comfy pair of leggings? An effortless tee? A cozy cardigan? Grab a few of your essentials in maternity style!

Staying true to your comforts through your pregnancies will make them a lot more enjoyable!

#5 A Good Pair of Jeans

That pair! I’m not gonna lie; everyone needs that pair of jeans. You know, the ones that are classy and make you feel like a million bucks, that you can dress up or dress down, add heels or bum around barefoot.

Just know, you need a pair that will accommodate your bump! This could easily be included in Maternity Fashion Tip #1, Find a good pair of jeans that fit. Later, you will thank me when you’re in a rush and hurry and have a pair of jeans to grab and throw on!

#6 Shop Smart

Did you know that some maternity-style garments are designed for while you’re pregnant and for nursing mamas?! So not only can you buy garments that fit and flatter while pregnant, you can enjoy them for twice as long!

Though not always advertised, a few helpful features to watch for is a v-neckline with overlapping fabric on dresses and tops. This simple yet subtle feature can make nursing a breeze!

What are some maternity fashion tips you have learned – either through experience or simply watching those around you?

Please share them below!

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